Resizing Vagrant disk size

cd ~/VirtualBox VMs/...your_virtualbox
VBoxManage clonehd box-disk1.vmdk tmp-disk.vdi --format vdi
VBoxManage modifyhd tmp-disk.vdi --resize 61440
VBoxManage clonehd tmp-disk.vdi resized-disk.vmdk --format vmdk
rm tmp-disk.vdi box-disk1.vmdk
mv resized-disk.vmdk box-disk1.vmdk

При запуске: "vagrant up" поругается на измененный UUID диска. Копируем его. Присваиваем новому диску.

Vagrant attempted to execute the capability 'configure_networks'

Vagrant attempted to execute the capability 'configure_networks'
on the detect guest OS 'linux', but the guest doesn't
support that capability. This capability is required for your
configuration of Vagrant. Please either reconfigure Vagrant to
avoid this capability or fix the issue by creating the capability.